Monday, November 8, 2010

Whats Hot On The Internet

Eminem – Not Afraid Video

 The number two video is the controversial Eminem.  Love him or hate him, Eminem has thrown his weight and popularity all over the world and is among one of the favourites in Youtube. His Vide Not Afraid is sang by everyone around the world including my ten year old boy. The video has been watched over 169.248 since its release.

Enrique Iglesias _ Heartbeat Featuring Nicole Schezinger Video

This is the one of the fastest growing video on you Youtube. The video has been watched over 5 million times and been shared among face book friends at the rate of 97,605 per week. This video is hot and so like Enrique and Nicole.

Girls’ Generation Music Video

This lovely music video of three gorgeous girls is the fist mandarin song so make it so big on the internet. These girls are hot, sexy and can dance as well. The video is wonderfully and beautifully made in a lift and some nice place. It’s a must see. I don’t understand a thing of what the girls sing about but its just too beautiful to watch, ita amazing and my favourite so far.

Girl Goes Cazy Over Webcam Special Effects

This is hilarious comedy video. This girl is laughing is watching herself over a webcam special effects. For those of you who wants to have some goo laugh, go to Break and look for this video, you will surely not be disappointed.
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